How the Swiss UK Replica Patek Philippe Nautilus became the ultimate flex watch

There are hype watches, and then there are hype watches. And for the last several years, the hypest of the hype has to be UK luxury fake Patek Philippe’s iconic Nautilus. In the white-hot category of integrated-bracelet sports watches, no other model has generated this much FOMO. None. How much? So much flex appeal, that they regularly trade for several multiples over their original retail, well into six figures. So how is it that a replica watch that was released over 40 years ago has this incredible level of staying power? That’s what Icons are made of, friends… let’s get to it.

Famous Wearers

The perfect fake Patek Philippe Nautilus has been and remains the wristwear of choice among the glitterati, and no, you ain’t gettin’ a Tiffany dial anytime soon, unless your name’s above the title.

It had to happen. Of course, the first sighting in the wild of the co-branded Tiffany-dialed Patek Philippe Nautilus replica for sale was spotted on the wrist of none other than hip-hop mogul Jay-Z. Hova was spotted rocking the turquoise Patek soon after it was announced, further cementing his GOAT status among watch collectors.

Other luminaries with clout enough to score one include Leonardo DiCaprio, NBA superstar Lebron James, and possibly, children’s music icon Anthony, the Blue Wiggle, although he swears his is a replica. Don’t buy fakes, kids!

Original girlboss Victoria Beckham, besides being a Spice Girl and fashion maven, is also a watchboss of epic stature. She’s been known to flex several different Pateks, including a classic blue-dialed 7118 1:1 replica Patek Philippe Nautilus. It’s not known if her collection has led to any uncomfortable situations being married to football legend David Beckham, Tudor’s biggest ambassador, but I doubt she sweats it too much.

Marvel’s Cinematic Universe has its share of cheap fake Patek Philippe Nautilus fans, including Robert Downey, Jr. (Iron Man) and Tom Holland (Spiderman), but the War Machine himself, Don Cheadle, gets it right by hitting the town with the classic blue 5711/A.

South African comedian and host of The Daily Show, Trevor Noah is a huge watch geek, and among his epic collection are several Pateks, including the luxurious rose-gold AAA replica Patek Philippe 5711 with its warm brown dial.

The sheer scope of Mark Wahlberg’s watch collection is staggering to think about, but it’s got some legit heat among the ranks. It’s a funky bunch to be sure, with a lot of flexworthy Rolex pieces, but Marky Mark isn’t averse to the odd Patek, including this factory-set diamond bezel Patek Philippe Nautilus replica online UK with a green dial (Ref. 5711/1300A-001).