The Weird & Wonderful UK 1:1 Replica Watches Online We Couldn’t Take Our Eyes Off At The Geneva Auctions

Yesterday, we looked at some of the highlights across the Geneva auction sales this week. But it didn’t feel like enough, so we’re back with a few Editor’s Picks. Not necessarily top lots – though it turns out that a few of us have expensive taste this week – but AAA best replica watches we couldn’t take our eyes off. Three of us are on the ground here attending the auctions: Mark Kauzlarich, Rich Fordon, and yours truly.

By the way, if you want to scroll through them yourself, here are the catalogs for the live auctions from Friday through Monday: Christie’s Rare Watches, Phillips Geneva Watch Auction, Sotheby’s Important Watches, and Antiquorum.

Patek Perpetual Calendar Replica Watches With A Little Extra

Here’s a little trick to attending an auction preview. When you show up, request to view a bit of a rank-and-file watch. Not a top lot, but in the high-flying world of cheap Swiss fake watches auctions, this can be anything under, say, $100,000 (but nothing too delicate). Slip on said watch, and then proceed to “forget” it’s even on your wrist for the next hour or so, and quietly enjoy wearing said copy watches for sale you might never have the privilege of buying.

For me, I always choose high quality replica Patek Philippe 3970 perpetual calendar chronograph watches if there’s one in the catalog like there is at Christie’s this week. It’s a complicated watch and perhaps Patek’s last great perpetual calendar chronograph reference, but at 36mm and with its long, stepped lugs that still feel vintage-y, it’s small and robust. Even better, this particular one at Christie’s is a second series in white gold – it’s actually thought that white gold is rarer than platinum (about 80 of 650 second-series examples are in white gold). For clients, the thinking was something like, “well, if I’m already getting a Patek perpetual calendar chronograph in a precious white metal, I might as well go all out and get platinum.” So, there just ended up being fewer white gold examples, even compared to platinum.

Even better, I cosplayed as a rich-guy collector who already has it all, picking up and analyzing the even rarer white gold Patek Philippe 3974 minute repeater super clone watches shop at Christie’s while I still had the 3970 on my wrist. Imagine strolling into a preview, 3970 on wrist, and saying “Yeah, sure, I always love timing things and knowing whether or not it’s a leap year, but it’s just a damn shame this thing doesn’t chime!” Proceed to buy 3974. It’s a perpetual calendar, only about 160 examples were made from 1989 through 2013, and probably less than 12 in white gold (again, white gold rarer than platinum; see above).

Sure, Patek still makes complicated top UK replica watches like this today, but are any as elegant as this? It wears similar to the 3970, but because this is an earlier 3974, it has an extremely important detail: it was made by master casemaker Jean-Pierre Hagmann, and you can clearly see his hallmark on a back lug.

There’s also a rare “Saatchi” 3970 at Phillips, produced in 2015 to celebrate the brand’s Grand Exhibition at Saatchi Gallery in London. These Saatchi pieces were all super-limited production runs (think five or less) of previously discontinued references and have been getting a lot of attention the last couple of years; this 3970P with a Breguet “12” is one of the best and could surpass CHF 1 million.

An Off Season For Cartier Fake Watches

I would’ve loved to have a Cartier pick, but it’s a weak Geneva season for good luxury Cartier replica watches. Most of the stuff for sale is modern or near-modern, which, while it can be rare in number, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s interesting (it’s exhausting to see the third modern Pebble appear at auction at Phillips, just months after its release at an already-punchy $40,000). The best auction Cartier of the year was the London Oval Maxi that sold at Monaco for more than $200,000 in April. There’s platinum top fake Cartier Tank Cintrée watches at Christie’s that has some folks excited, but it just didn’t do it for me in person. The dial was restored by Cartier in 1999 according to Christie’s, and to me, the clean, modern look of the newer dial just doesn’t fit a watch from 1926. By the way, it’s not like these old Cartiers were super waterproof – most vintage Cartier dials probably are restored. Still, this Cintrée comes from the family of the original owner, and vintage Cintrées are very rare, and rarer still in platinum so it might do well.

Not every season needs to be full of hits for a brand. And with so much heat behind replica Cartier watches site the last few years, perhaps it’s not such a bad thing for it to take a breather.