Two Legends, One Dial – Top AAA Patek Philippe Calatrava, ref. 3445, “Gübelin” Fake Watches UK

Swiss 1:1 Patek Philippe replica watches is known for their double-signed dials with Tiffany & Co., but that is not the only institution to have had permission to put their name alongside the watchmaker. Swiss retailer Gübelin was founded only 14 years after cheap UK Patek Philippe fake watches in the town of Lucerne, Switzerland. As such, it feels natural that one of the oldest Swiss watchmakers and Swiss retailers would eventually come together to offer a number of double-signed dials.

The high quality replica Patek Philippe Calatrava 3445 watches had a long life, first launched in 1961 – almost a decade after the legendary 2526 – the reference lasted until 1981. Like the 2526, which was the first automatic watch from Patek, the 3445 is another first in the watchmakers’ history, being the first serial-produced automatic watch with a date window. Seven years ago, Hodinkee wrote about how the 2526 was the best buy in vintage Patek’s with a price point at the time a little north of 10k, and now it is not uncommon to see some models reach six figures. In today’s market, the 3445 is the vintage best Patek Philippe copy watches that is being slept on.

Patek Philippe’s replica watches for sale from this era didn’t offer display case backs, but the movement is still remarkably well-finished. We opened up the case back to show you the Geneva Seal movement with its hand-finished beveling, free-sprung balance wheel, and solid gold rotor. Even the inside edges of the gears are chamfered by hand at a time when only a watchmaker would ever see the final product of all that labor.

This is why perfect Patek Philippe super clone watches has its reputation. Long before the world could easily see the work put into their movements, they went the extra mile, and this lovely Calatrava is a lovely and subtle example of what makes the brand just so special.